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Re:Set is now released~


 ReSEt Ep 3 onwards now with RPG elements!

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ReSEt Ep 3 onwards now with RPG elements! Empty
PostSubject: ReSEt Ep 3 onwards now with RPG elements!   ReSEt Ep 3 onwards now with RPG elements! EmptyThu Jul 26, 2012 8:24 am


Now I won't be spoiling what's gonna happen, but you can have three party members to your party.
You will face an enemy party with maximal 4 members and I'm still trying to ask SusanTheCat to figure out how we can incorporate cutscenes in-battle.

- Items
- Mid-battle cutscenes
- Choices can determine your part member stats and which Gerald will be in battle
- Some secrets can only be obtained via battles!
- ... You can skip battle, but that means missing some CGs and secrets! ^_^;

Meanwhile Re:Set will have a grand total of 8 episodes! Even though there are 7 demons... There has to be a secret behind that!

Ciao, folks!

Oh, and do have a word count:


The game contains 2,521 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 23,772 words,
for an average of 9.4 words per screen.
The game contains 10 menus.


ReSEt Ep 3 onwards now with RPG elements! 15062
ReSEt Ep 3 onwards now with RPG elements! Riza_by_vianhart-d31nazo
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ReSEt Ep 3 onwards now with RPG elements!
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