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Re:Set is now released~


 Martin's Stalker Club.

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Martin's Stalker Club. Empty
PostSubject: Martin's Stalker Club.   Martin's Stalker Club. EmptyTue May 22, 2012 9:26 am

Welcome to Ma-kun's Fanclub thread!
Also known as Mr. ???/Mr. Questionmark/ Mr. Anoymous.
The lovable and wonderful and sexah blue troll.
Poor, poor -insert whatever name you choose her- needs some luvin'~<3.
He's apparently a side character who doesn't have a path!!
Of course, if he secretly happens to have one then screw the line before.
Now onto the rules, yes?
1.) Love ???.
2.) Like ???.
3.) Cherish ???.
4.) ??? always must go first.
5.) Debate whenever ??? gets trash talked.

Okay, now for the real rules that actually apply:
1.) Ignore the "RULES" column. I only did that because I was high.
2.) You must know the guy. Otherwise, why would you consider joining??
3.) You have to chat with the guy at least three times once.
4.) No trash talking of any sorts. Bad language will immediately be flagged and stuff.
5.) If you claim that Mr. ??? is yours and yours only, you will be considered a douche bag and kicked off the fanclub.

And because of concern to rule number five, we don't share him. We're are not talking about him like he's not human (or like an object if he really isn't one), that's just sad. He has feelings too. (We don't mind if you flirt and stuff, but you may possibly be shunned from the club. ) AND NO KIDNAPPING. It's illegal.

->shadowolffie (me Very Happy)

... that is all.

You may do whatever you like in this topic, as long as it's about Mr. ???.
I highly encourage RP. (cause I <3 it.) Now let's just hope Mr. ??? actually joins in, if not, I could do it. Or the person who is in charge of his ask thread.
Crack pairings.
And jokingly degrading him.

Other than that,
fan arts
fan fictions
and a kind person who can make a mean badge. (If there is no one, I can do that, too.)

Feel free to join, but I'll have to approve with you.

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Martin's Stalker Club.
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