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Re:Set is now released~


 ~ The Title Suggestion Thread! ~

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~ The Title Suggestion Thread! ~ - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: ~ The Title Suggestion Thread! ~   ~ The Title Suggestion Thread! ~ - Page 7 EmptySun Mar 04, 2012 6:36 am

Character: Yuri
Title: named after girl love
(But I still can't believe no one noticed it yet. Or maybe they did....)
Oh and.....
azureXtwilight wrote:
The hooded hobo ~ thanos
Sire Kirroha wrote:
Why don't we go with LIKE A BOSS instead? Very Happy
Dee wrote:
Character: Oswald
Title: White Hair Pretty Boy
Sire Kirroha wrote:
Character: Avalon Tribe
Title: Tsundere for Milk
Lyn27 wrote:
Character: Lazarus
Title: MPD Troll
Lyn27 wrote:
Character: Nero
Title: Save-files Eater
azureXtwilight wrote:
Then can you make it, "meat-lover to the extreme"?

~ The Title Suggestion Thread! ~ - Page 7 Sigpic671463_2
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~ The Title Suggestion Thread! ~
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