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Re:Set is now released~

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 Perfect Chemistry: GxB Otome VN [Complete]

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PostSubject: Perfect Chemistry: GxB Otome VN [Complete]   Thu May 31, 2012 6:32 am

Perfect Chemistry--GxB Otome VN

Cammy, sarcastic but hopeful, is a first year college student. She and her lab partner Tyler get along well…maybe a little too well. Does he like her? Or are they too comfortable for that? Does it even matter–she might not even like him that way!

When Tyler’s ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture, Cammy has to figure out what she really wants.

Will she embrace her innate nerdy quirks see the simple beauty of reality? Or does she unleash her inner princess as she tries to pursues her fairy tale?

Modern, Slice-of-Life, Romance
1 Obtainable Character
11 Endings
16,600 Words
45 minute – 1 hour, 15 minute game-play per path

Windows: mediafire.com download.php?16u1u7sws0lixir(85 MB)
Mac: mediafire.com download.php?pgojzbegyxo2t8u (82 MB)
Linux: mediafire.com download.php?9c3eji55qztw6kx (79 MB)

For endings lists and walkthroughs or hints, stop by my dev blog: http://elekctrafied.wordpress.com/projects/perfect-chemistry/

Let me know what you think!

Fantasia RoT was the third VN I ever played, about a year and a half ago. It was definitely one of the reasons I was inspired to start making VN's (er, a VN...) of my own. Cain's my favorite, though I think Zephyr's going to take that spot once once MOGF to comes out. Smile
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Perfect Chemistry: GxB Otome VN [Complete]
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