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 Oswald- Hurry (FANFIC)

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Oswald- Hurry (FANFIC) Empty
PostSubject: Oswald- Hurry (FANFIC)   Oswald- Hurry (FANFIC) EmptyMon Mar 05, 2012 9:55 am

Hey~! I've updated my story now. Once in awhile, whenever I feel like it, I might want to redo a fanfic over. Like this one. I can only state that a few stuff in the beginning-ish has changed. In the nearby future, I might want to add Cain, if possible. Well anyway, if you feel like reading my first post it's right here. Just click on the

Here's my updated version:
(Please tell me if you seen any spelling mistakes or any grammer mistakes, too. I'd feel happy whenever I fix something in my story<3)

“Now, now!” said Gil as he clapped his hands, “We need to go
to school; we don’t want any blemishes in our school records, yes?”

This kid just stared at all of us. Of course, after the
stunt she pulled, I wouldn’t exactly blame her.
She looked at Leon, to Ian, to Gil, and lastly, to me. I simply just stared
at her with my trade-mark smirk, of course. However, she looked away soon after
she realized I was looking at her head-on. Her ears were turning tomato

“Cheryl, are you feeling okay? Your turning red. Should I
get you an ice pack? Or maybe a moist towelette?” asked Leon in concern.

Moist towelette? Seriously?

“No, it’s not that. I’m just a little bit…er, in a daze.”

“Really? Maybe you
should stay home from school. I’ll contact Sensei then.”

“No, no. It’s okay. I want to go to school today. I have to
get back in my studies if I want to be in honors!”

“That’s my girl!” as he said happily.

Leon…I’m surprised by how much he changed. He used to be a blood thirsty monster, looking
forward to his next prey, waiting to be drenched by their own blood. But now,
he’s just a normal nice guy. How boring. I can’t believe he has the second most
powerful key. I sighed in disappointment.

“Now, now, Leon. You should stop being in front of Cheryl’s
face,” interrupted Gil as he placed his glasses back onto his nose using his
pointer finger.

“Like you should be saying that,” he said, “Your bribing her
with food.”

“I’m not bribing… I’m just repaying my debt.”

“Debt of what?”

“Of being my beautiful little step-sister.”

Leon rolled his eyes and Gil was just smiling there like a
retard, feeding Cheryl some soup, one spoonful at a time. He also looks
different. His hair is darker and now tied up in some sort of a pony tail and
he doesn’t have that scar on his eye and those pointed elven ears anymore.
Hell, I didn’t even know he can cook and has whack eye-sight.

“S-So,” the kid blustered, “Where is my school uniform?”

“Hmm? Oh, yes! It should be done drying now in the dryer. I
have to iron it though. Sorry Cheryl-chan,” apologized Ian.

Leon spoke out soon after, “Wahh! You’re so good at house
chores, Ian!”

“Your technically the Head maid here,” I teased him

“Oswald-niisan! Don’t make fun of me!”

“Gomen, gomen~” I shrugged.

Ian seemed to have the most indifference between him and his
Fantasia self, than the other kiddies. He used to be so anti-social. Well, he can
no longer freeze a village anymore, that’s sure to say. But now he can freely
do whatever he wanted to do, since that curse that binds him broke away ever
since we left our original world behind.

I went back to looking at original topic here. She was
twiddling her thumbs together, trying to think of what to say. Soon later, Gil coughed
as he read her body language. He headlocked both Ian and Leon. Although they
struggled to escape from Gil’s grip, he would just tighten it, almost to the
point of strangling.

“Com’ on, Oswald,” he said, “You’ll have to go, too. I would
do the same thing to you, but I’m running out of arms. And of course, I can’t
tame you with just an arm.”

“Just a sec, bro. I need to talk to her.”

“Don’t you think of doing anything funny, Oswald!” shouted

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”


I wouldn’t exactly call it a quiet leave, but the door shut
out every sound in the world outside it besides the sound of Cheryl and I
breathing. And of course, the bickering amongst my ‘brothers.’ I stood up and
scratched my head in dismay.

“W-what do you want, Oswald?” she questioned.

“Okay, Kid. First of all, I’m not going to rape you. You’re
reading into to it too much.”

“I-I am not reading into it too much!”

“Second of all, I can read your face so easily. You’re definitely
are reading into it.”


“And third of all, I’m only here because of that stupid
stunt you pulled back in Fantasia.”

She choked on her soup, “Y-you know?!”

I looked at her irritatingly. Who the hell did she think I
was? I’m no human. I am the God of Death! The God of Hatred, and everything
else that’s not good for the world. I’m immortal! What else did you think I am?
Or at least I was…

“What did you expect to happen, kid?”

“But the pheromone
perfume... the merchant, n-no magic at all. ”

“Well, you drugged us and made me into a fucking mortal! You
happy?!” I shouted.

Cheryl looked at me at fear, seeing that I’m certainly
pissed. She looked down and stared down at the patterns of her expensive quilt,
tracing the stitched lines on it. She was afraid of looking at my unnatural red
eyes. It was dead silent. She finally spoke up.

“The White Lady said
that they could forget it as soon as we enter the reality.”

“Well, that White-Lady is sure a dumb old hag, isn’t she? But
you’ll be a hell lots of happy that you surrounded by a bunch of damn pretty step-bros,
who wants to be with you, every second.”

“Yea, I guess. The potion worked too well, I suppose.”

“I’m glad the effects
of it faded away on me.”

“Oh… it faded away?”

“What? Are you sad your favorite pretty boy is no longer is
wrapped around your finger?” I laughed mockingly. I loved teasing her. Her red
face seems to be worth all the trouble. But of course, she denied it.


She hit me with her soft feather pillow.

“What’s next? Are you going to hit me with tissues?”

“Maybe used ones!!”

I chuckled. But my
laughter died soon after. I looked straight at her. I didn’t even give her my
usual cocky grin. I spoke.

“Now, back to the serous point here. I am not suppose to be

She sat quietly on her queen sized bed. She clenched on to
the soft sheets trying to ignore the pain. She looked down.

“Nor Leon, nor Gil,
nor Ian,” I said in a serious tone.

She hid her face with her knees now. She can’t ever regret it.
We were all together now, and there was no bitter feeling for the other. Just
innocent feelings trying to reach out for the girl they love the most. She
didn’t say a word. I sighed and slid the glass door that led to her porch.

“Just get changed, kid. I’ll see you at school.”

“Oswald? What are you doing? Why are you going outside?”

“Birth and death,” I said in sadness and in rage.


“We all move between these two unknowns. But
I… I was different. I couldn’t die before. But now…”

“O-OSWALD!!” Cheryl

She ran outside to the porch and looked down in fear after
seeing me fall, but I was already gone on my motorcycle. I lifted my hand and
showed her I was perfectly fine. The engine roared as I sped up. I felt my eyes
glazed a tiny bit.

But now…there’s a chance of me not seeing Cheryl anymore.

I laughed. She must think I’m crazy that I’m riding this
thing without a helmet.


Before I went to school, I got myself a coconut drink from a
convenience store. I sat on a tree as I drank the milk from the can. It’s funny
that I only see this stuff at Asian stores here. I heard exited chatterin near
the school entrance so I turned around, wondering what the commotion was. It
was Cheryl and everyone else. I jumped down the tree and joined the guys.

“Oh. Oswald!” said Ian.

“You disappeared after your talk to Cheryl,” Gil wondered,
“What happened?”

“Nothing much. I just wanted to test the new brakes on my


We casually walked into the entrance of the school. The
students all stopped to take a glance at us.

“They’re all walking together! How lucky!”


“Ian is just adorable~”

“Gil is really mature, though!”

“And Cheryl is there, too! Oh, she’s so pretty! I wish I am just
like her! Especially how she lives with the top three most sexiest boys at

I chocked on my coconut drink. W-what? How can this girl be
popular? AND WHY IS THERE A SEXY LIST HERE? I stared at her from top to bottom,
trying to figure out her good points.

“W-what?” asked Cheryl, her cheeks turning a little pink.

“How can you be so popular when you’re so flat?”


She covered her chest. And I had to run away soon after
before any of the boys took a swing at me, in utter disapproval.

“Yo, Kid! Be happy! We’re sitting together in the same


The bell rung in our ears and most of the students quickly
left the classroom. Only a few students were left.

“Ah, Oswald. Cheryl. Since you guys haven’t been here long,
it’s your turn to do cleaning duty,” said Sensei., “Do you mind?”

“N-no, not at all!” she exclaimed.

We awkwardly cleaned up the classroom. Cheryl quietly swept
the floor with her broom, as I moved the desks back to their original places.

“Oswald?” said Cheryl.

“Yea? What’s up?”

“Ermm… back in Fantasia…”

“Just forget about it already, kid. My magic powers are
gone, but my bad ass-ness still lives on.”

“Hahahaha…. Whenever you say ‘Kid,” it feels like it’s full
of love! You’re a seem to be a good person like anybody else.”

“. . .Are you a moron? You’re a pain in the ass. ”

“I’m not! Even though you tried to prevent me from saving
the world from world domination…”

“Thanks for bringing that up.”

“You made a promise with me.”

“When did that happen?”

“You promised you made my stay at Fantasia would be special.
And you kept that promise."

I looked at her in surprise. I did not expect her to say

“How can a person like that be considered a bad person?” she
said cheerfully.

She remembers such a stupid thing, that I should have forgotten
a long time ago.

“Would I…” I paused.


“Would I be able to obtain happiness if I had you?”

“Well, maybe. Since you had a heart key that means we were
fated to be together, right? After all, as human beings—, no… as living
creatures, we strive for it.”

I paused. I have never thought about it that way. I was too
busy thinking that the Kid can never win over me. Thinking she will either fail
or get killed or chicken out. And then I opened my mouth, “How boring.”

“I-I guess so,” Cheryl said in dismay.

“…If I were just able to leave the darkness behind me and
join the light, I would. And I would snatch you away from the rest, just as

“W-what? Light? There’s n-no need to exaggerate, Oswald!”

Your right, but not matter how I forget these painful
memories, what must I do to step into that light? I stepped closer to Cheryl and looked straight into her
beautiful mesmerized eyes. She took a step back, but the wall behind her
prevented her from doing so. She’s an angel while I’m a just a disgusting Demon.
There’s no way I can enter the same light as hers. But if I can’t go to the
place where I long to be, then I’ll fight to have what I long for the most. I placed the palm of my hand against the wall and towered over her.

“Hurry up all ready, dammit.”

Hurry up and…

Fall in love



What happened afterwards:

Thanks for reading<3

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Oswald- Hurry (FANFIC) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Oswald- Hurry (FANFIC)   Oswald- Hurry (FANFIC) EmptyFri Jun 01, 2012 5:50 pm

....That was....CUTE♥~. OMG, you did a great job~

Oswald- Hurry (FANFIC) Sgasdga
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Sir, please don't judge or hate me if you don't like this pairing. Everyone have a liking after all.
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Oswald- Hurry (FANFIC) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Oswald- Hurry (FANFIC)   Oswald- Hurry (FANFIC) EmptyMon Jun 04, 2012 3:14 am

Akira Shouji wrote:
....That was....CUTE♥~. OMG, you did a great job~
Thanks so much<3
I've just updated a newer version. I almost forgotten about it.

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I write in complete sentences. Happy? This is my epic signature.
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Oswald- Hurry (FANFIC) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Oswald- Hurry (FANFIC)   Oswald- Hurry (FANFIC) Empty

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Oswald- Hurry (FANFIC)
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