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Re:Set is now released~

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 Fir x Iggy (gift to Lumen charged phone)

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PostSubject: Fir x Iggy (gift to Lumen charged phone)   Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:49 am

Iggy stared at his phone-to be precise- a dead phone. He knew from numerous researches in the
libraries that power plants were just an idea, no Thomas Edison found out about electricity in lightning
yet, and no such THING as an outlet anywhere on this planet. How can he find any power to help charge
his phone? He ran his hand through his coal black hair.

He missed his planet. It was in a bizarre accident that he even stumbled into this world. He remembered
his mom, dad, and his friends. Every day he thought of how life must’ve been for them.. the ones he
left behind. Did they miss him? Congratulate themselves that he was gone? Heck, he even missed his
cartoons. Were the rumors that Jimmy Neutron was ending true?

He remembered his favorite episode. The one where Jimmy and his friends were sent back to the past.
The only way he could send them back without using electricity was using a powerful gem that had
stored energy inside. Apparently the gems could store heat if enough sparks were created and could be
used the same as electricity.

Iggy sat up suddenly. He had done research on that gem, it wasn’t exactly fiction! If he could find the
gem here in Fantasia.. he could charge his phone. .

Though one thing was on his mind.

Would he get reception here?



The whole guild hall echoed as Iggy yelled out in his room. Immediately, multiple guild members burst
into his room expecting the worst.

“What happened?!” Avalon shouted, pushing past the crowd of people. His eyes settled onto Iggy and
his eyes widened in surprise.

“You guys have these jewels EVERYWHERE! I found it in a toothbrush! THIS IS PURELY FANTASTIC!!!”

Iggy was filled with glee. Who knew that those specific gems were in abundance and totally taken for
granted? It was purely by chance that he found the toothbrush at a street vendor’s.

It was time to clip on copper wires onto the jewels connected to the phone. He took a match and quickly
lit it on fire, he then put it close to the jewels.


Yes! The jewels were warming up quite nicely, and a glow was being gathered inside.


It was fully functional. His blackberry was charged to the max, and he wouldn’t need to charge it
anymore after a couple of days! This was turning out quite good. Now.. to impress Fir with his new





Lenarche yelled at him when she finally snapped. Iggy had been fiddling with his phone for over the past
HOUR and it had been making weird noises all the time. She had literally snapped her quill in half and
her ink bottle was smashed against the wall.

“Sorry! But here’s what I meant to show you. You know the first time you, me, and Fir went to the
shops? The one you said sounded like a disease?”

“ER, MP3?”


He then blasted classical music and then some classical rock from Ozzy Osbourne.

“Those sound weird, but I’ll begin to like it. Those are like.. songs right?”

“Exactly, but MP3s are files. They contain the music, but they erase all the music that your ear can’t
naturally hear. Like too high sounds or too low ones. It’s a compressed file, minimizing the song to the
most that they can.”



Fir was pulling petals out of a flower, doing the ‘love or not’ game that Iggy had taught her. It was odd,
the end result would depend on what you started. What’s the point of doing it if you already knew what
the flower petal is going to tell you?

Maybe, it was just for assurance..

Fir plucked the petals.



“Loves me,” Fir muttered to herself.


“Loves me not,” she sighed.


“Loves me!



She whisked around and found herself face to face with Iggy. He smiled like a little kid in a free candy

Fir immediately backed up and stuttered out a, “What?”

“Look! I got my phone to work!”

She was intrigued.


An Hour Later of Useless Playing with Angry Birds

“STUPID GREEN PIGS!” Fir yelled out. All the people who were passing at that time stopped in their

“Green pigs?”

“Think they’re delusional?”

“…Let’s just keep walking,” murmured Marissa to her friends.


It had already turned dark, when they were finished playing with Iggy’s blackberry. Their eyes were dry
and tired, so they flopped down onto the grass.

With one arm over his forehead, Iggy eagerly asked Fir if she liked the gadget.


“So, what were you doing with the flowers?”

“Nothing that you should know about!”


Lenarche began to get worried and slightly jealous. She was so curious about the phone, so she snuck
out of the guild building to find where Iggy had gone.
To her surprise, he was sleeping next to Fir.

“Aw, so cute.. Oh look! The phone!” She exclaimed mentally and reached out for the black object.

As she turned it on, her mind spun of the many things she could do with it..

“I’m sure he won’t miss it..”


“So, Fir already knows this already, but you push this button to turn it on,” as Iggy was instructing
Lenarche, she was fiddling with the thing.

“Uh huh.”

“Then to text, you know you have reception here? You use your thumbs to type out sentences. Like

‘U r comin here, right?’

Was displayed on the phone. This caused Fir and Lenarche to exclaim in surprise. It wasn’t magic, it was technology! A very futuristic one at that.

“So, I’m texting my friend back in my own world. She says ‘I like-‘

He stopped, blood rushing to his face. Fir coughed annoyingly.

“What’d she say?”


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PostSubject: Re: Fir x Iggy (gift to Lumen charged phone)   Wed Feb 15, 2012 3:08 pm

I really like this a lot!

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Fir x Iggy (gift to Lumen charged phone)
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