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Re:Set is now released~

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 Flora x Leon (gift to Destinee-Belle)

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PostSubject: Flora x Leon (gift to Destinee-Belle)   Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:11 am

A certain maid twirled her brown hair and her black beady eyes looked up at the staircase, hopeful. Her
clawed hands were firmly grasped around the broomstick, every now and then would swipe dust onto
the dustpan.

But she would always find herself looking up at the grand, oh so grand, staircase. Finally, the clock
chimed 5 o’ clock. It was the hour when Prince Leon of Fantasia would walk down the beautiful staircase
and his blue eyes would glaze over the maids and servants.

And if she wasn’t deluding herself, the Prince’s eyes would lock on with hers. That’s what makes her
want to stay here all the time. But.. her employment here is almost up in 2 weeks. How can she prolong
it? Long enough for her to stay and possibly get close to Prince Leon?

As if her dimwitted, slow, and stupid mind had just figured out, she could get a promotion for a
permanent position in the castle! She smiled, and her blacked out, cavity filled teeth shone through.
Leon was stunned amazed at her unique physical appearance which means ugly beauty.

She looked around, as if someone would dare snatch the opportunity from her, and began sweeping like
a professional. She collected all the dust, and made sure to present it to the head maid, Melodia, and
trashed the dirt. There were about half a dozen more things to be done, but she did them all perfectly
and executed them to the finest detail.

That promotion was in sure sights.


“Flora? May we talk to you?” asked the head mistress. She was close friends with Melodia, and was just
as nice. But Flora, no, she loved to see everyone as an evil headed bi-otch.

Immediately, her scowl was planted on her face. She imagined everyone (even males) to be her rival of
love for Leon’s affection.


“Well, since you have been doing your job perfectly for the last two weeks.. we feel that you should be
here on a permanent position. How would you like to be the playmate for Leon’s children?”

Her heart dropped.


“Yes! Haven’t you heard? Leon and Melodia have decided to tie the knot!” The head mistress’ shone
with happiness for her friend, and totally oblivious to Flora’s darkening mood.

“..No, I have not.”

“I know that you have feelings for Prince Leon. But, Melodia and Leon have been seeing each other for a
couple of years now.”

Flora’s anger flushed out of her seething teeth.


The head mistress was shocked, but quickly gathered herself. She stood up and her personality


“You are fired.”


“Dear Mom,
I need to get revenge, Mom. I need to get revenge. The stupid head mistress, Fiel and Melodia, they
want me GONE so I can’t marry Prince Leon! You said he liked me, and you are ALWAYS right. So, he
must’ve done something to get me JEALOUS right?! Tell me I’m right! TELL ME!”

From Your Daughter,

Flora signed the letter, stuck the envelope with a stamp and walked out of her apartment to send it to
her mom.

She needed the reply soon. So, she stood there waiting for 3 days and 2 nights.. finally the mail came.

She hastily opened it for the reply.

[Dear Daughter Flora,
You are crazy. Too delusional that he actually likes a lowly, ugly, self-loving, person like you.
I know that you must hold me in some kind of idol-like position, but don’t! I’m human, I make mistakes.
Besides, you do know that you were adopted from insect aliens right? Trust me when I say this, LEAVE
before you do something we’ll BOTH regret. Good bye, and I suppose I love you.
From Your Fake Mom,

That was what the real letter said. But Flora was so mental that.. in her mind the letter actually meant

[Dear Daughter Flora,
You are NOT insane, my dear! You have to fight for your man, your TRUE man. He’s obviously your one
true love. You will have 4 kids and live in paradise. Mommy is rooting for you. I’m not human, I’m a
descendent of the Goddess’ of Fantasia. You are my true kid, my own blood. Stay and do something that
you won’t regret. Like marrying royalty and giving Mommy all your money. You’re a beautiful girl, and
all the men here are terrified of meeting your awesome beauty. Come back home soon, with your new
From Your Loving Loving Loving Mom,

Flora’s eyes started to tear up, and she cried of happiness. It was great to have such a loving family.

Leon felt a chill in his body when he turned around from the window. Was someone watching him?
No matter, all his attention was on Melodia. She was so beautiful and her caring inside was just dazzling
and sugar on top. He wrapped his arms around her and held their bodies close. There was nothing like
this moment, and he kissed her neck.

They were meant to be together.

Flora was engulfed with sadness. She began having second thoughts. Was the man for you supposed to

be with OTHER woman when you (his one true love) was so close? He felt far.. so far..

She blinked, tears fell. Her binoculars were still fixed on the couple making love. She crushed them in
her hands, instantly regretting it. There goes her month’s payment.

She couldn’t leave now, no, she had to kill Melodia and make a love potion for Leon.
They were destined to be together after all.. right?

She smiled.


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PostSubject: Re: Flora x Leon (gift to Destinee-Belle)   Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:36 am


ROFL! Laughing

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PostSubject: Re: Flora x Leon (gift to Destinee-Belle)   Mon Jan 02, 2012 7:13 am

Thank you. I had belle specifically in my mind when I wrote of Flora.


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PostSubject: Re: Flora x Leon (gift to Destinee-Belle)   

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Flora x Leon (gift to Destinee-Belle)
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