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Re:Set is now released~

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 Zephyr x Len (gift to LoveRabbit90)

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PostSubject: Zephyr x Len (gift to LoveRabbit90)   Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:07 am

Zephyr x Len

Zephyr grabbed his arm, and felt the cold substance drip from his grasped hand. The plasma was making
his fingers sticky with blood. It made him feel relief. He isn’t loosing feeling, which means he isn’t dying.
He smirked. If only she could see him now.

Sounds of heels clicking through the dark dripping alleyway instantly made him put up his guard. His
sword was laying only a few feet away from him. If only he hadn’t twisted his ankle falling down the
stupid mountain. What a klutz, he thought.

The hallway filled with light. His eyes adjusted, and there she was.


Her voice was filled with concern. He liked the way she said his name. Even though it’s sort of sad that
she’s worrying about him. It should be the other way around.

“Lenarche,” he replied. Trying to sound nonchalant in this kind of situation wasn’t the best ‘smoothest’
move he had ever done.

“Ugh!” Her eyes were filled with fury, yet her tears betrayed what she really felt. She grabbed her
bandages from her pack and tore them with her teeth. Fingers working furiously to tie up all of Zephyr’s
wounds consumed much time.

“Hey, tend to your own wounds. I’m fine,” he started.

Lenarche wouldn’t hear anything of it.

“No! Yours are MUCH more serious. Mines are like paper cuts compared to yours! How-Why?!”

“Why what?”

Zephyr pretended to be clueless, but he knew what she meant. He always knew.

“Why’d you go after Thanos, huh? He was MY fight. But no, you just had to act hero and-“

He grabbed her neck and forced her close to his face. Neither of them made a move to kiss each other.
This was a very symbolic gesture. Both of their foreheads touched and the warmth passed through.
Zephyr used his magic and sent through a message.

“I knew you liked him.”

She gasped mentally.

“No, I don’t. I don’t. I don’t.”

“Why are you telling yourself that many times then?”

“Because I don’t want you to know who I really like, that’s why.”


Lenarche quickly pulled away, any more contact and she wouldn’t be able to bear with it. Instead, she
focused her remaining magic on finding Thanos.

Left of the chambers.. down the main dining hall..
Who’s that..?

It’s Valen.


She’s my niece you know, pretty proud of her.

You’re actually proud of someone?

Yeah. But you know, I hate things being unsaid and stuff. You should just confess.

The evil dude giving ME love advice. I’m surprised the world hasn’t ended.

Shut up. Just go, or I’ll kill him. And you.

Lenarche immediately snapped out of her conversation with Thanos. Her gaze stayed on Zephyr, who’s
breathing was getting heavier and heavier.

“Zephyr! Are you okay?!”

“Yes. Nothing’s wrong with my body. Just.. my emotional state.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

She sat down in front of his hunched figure.

“I like you.”

Her mouth moved, but no words came out. Just shocked.


The room then suddenly shook, tiny pebbles broken off of huge boulders rained down on them. Zephyr
immediately knew this wasn’t going to end well if they stayed. He summoned all his strength and energy
to create a wind typhoon to whisk both of them out of there.

But there was one problem.


“Y-Yes?!” She shouted over the gathering wind.

“Grab onto me.”

Nodding seriously, she wrapped both of her arms around his waist and his own arms enveloped her. The
typhoon took them.. and out of the underground they went.


The morning was beautiful. Yellow poppies and red roses dotted around the guild’s garden giving off a
light feeling in the atmosphere.

But.. some of the guild’s members weren’t feeling quite happy..

No, they were feeling down right awful.


Alviss’ scream echoed the guild hall. Other members whisked their heads to stare at the otherwise quiet

He smiled shamefully and turned back to Lenarche. She was grinning apologetically.

“Er, I said, ‘I’m going home,’” she said cautiously.

“Home? But isn’t your mom dead? No offense,” Avalon and Nero started to join in the conversation.

“Yeah, but I just need to get away from here.. for a long while,” her voice dropped down to barely a little
above a whisper.

“Long while?!” Shea exclaimed behind her, causing Lenarche to jump in surprise.

She grabbed him in a friendly hug, but his face was still registering the news.

“Like.. a few weeks…”

Her friends are silent.

“Or a few years..”

Their mouths are literally catching flies.

“Bye,” she ends the conversation. Her painful smile lingered, but she turned away. No sobs and no tears

Zephyr looked out of his window at the dirty blonde who’s leaving on a carriage. The horse whinnied
one last time, and galloped away.

Was he making a bad choice? Not going after her?

She didn’t respond to his confession after all. Does that mean she’s escaping him?

4 Years Later

“Hey, Nana! How’s it going?”

A full-woman Lenarche called out to her adoptive mom. It had been a while since she came from the
city. Has she thought of going back? Of course! She missed all of her newfound friends.

Even though it’s only one girl and.. lots of guys. People would definitely call her a playgirl, hence no
mention of her time in the city.

She was tending to the garden, which was basically her pastime nowadays when she heard of some girls
gossiping. Pretending to not notice, she eavesdropped on their conversation.

“Did you hear that a handsome guy just arrived the other day?”

“Yeah! I heard even the Mayor’s daughter, the most unloving woman in all of Fantasia, is in love with

“No way! Oh look, here he comes!”

Lenarche couldn’t resist, she turned and saw the mysterious handsome stranger.

You guessed it. It’s Zephyr.



“Come back.”

“Why should I?”

“We need you.”

“…” She turned around.

“I need you.”


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Akira Shouji
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PostSubject: Re: Zephyr x Len (gift to LoveRabbit90)   Mon Jan 02, 2012 8:21 am

That's so cute.......Great fanfic.....You're awesome...


Meiko and Kaito forever~
Sir, please don't judge or hate me if you don't like this pairing. Everyone have a liking after all.
My name's Quyên in Vietnamese. I hope we could get alone well.^^
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Posts : 1618
Join date : 2011-02-22
Age : 20
Location : Preparing 10 course meal for Kirroha with plenty of crabs and shark-fins. Also, wine with 'gold cuvee'.

PostSubject: Re: Zephyr x Len (gift to LoveRabbit90)   Mon Jan 02, 2012 8:43 am

Thank you!


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PostSubject: Re: Zephyr x Len (gift to LoveRabbit90)   

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Zephyr x Len (gift to LoveRabbit90)
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