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Re:Set is now released~

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 A Demon's Thoughts

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PostSubject: A Demon's Thoughts   Wed Sep 07, 2011 2:06 am

A Demon’s Thoughts

A/ n: Hello everyone~ I have decided to post a story on one of my favorite characters in the entire world~ Yeah, Shea from the Fantasia series. He belongs to AzureXtwilight and this is just my version of some of his thoughts from Fantasia: Requiem of the Abyss. We take off from where Valen saves him from drowning in Cain's path. In italics will be the original dialogues. Smile Also, this is sort of like a free style writing thing. Cause after all it’s his thoughts, right? There's no actual plot line or anything. I just wanted to write something on Shea and I have no inspiration right now. *zilch* Anyway nothing belongs to me. ^^
Enjoy~ ^__^



“Darkness spell, Finale!”


“Are you awake yet?”

“Huh…? Where am I?”


“W-What? How could I--?” WHAT THE HELL? I’M STILL ALIVE?!?!?

“Get away from me! Why did you save me? If I can’t do my job, then I’ll kill myself anyway!”
My eyes are stinging, it hurts a lot. Her expression changes drastically, she seems…angry. Oh wow, she looks cute when she’s angry~

“Why do you wanna die so badly? You demons are weird!” What the- did she just insult me?

“Shut up! You’re not a demon, so shut up already! You immortals are born with great abilities! While we have to suffer like this…” And just like that my thoughts became my words. I always hate the fact that, no matter how much I try, I will always be in pain. Oswald and Cain are so lucky! I mean they got the girls and the let us rot like that!

“Suffer?” Ah! Just look at her! She has no clue at all! How much we suffer…Well I’ll show her!

“Yeah, suffer! You happy now!?”

“Suffer from what?” WHAT? Is she a blockhead? This is the daughter of the former demon lord and Cain’s girlfriend? Well I can’t blame Cain for liking her…She is so pretty! *Mental Slap* SHEA WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? Master said no fraternizing with the enemy! Well, I might as well answer her question.

“Every time we unleash our power, we feel very painful. Transforming is also painful, even living is painful. It feels so painful that we would rather die than bear this for an eternity.” And then her mouth opens just like that. She seems so shocked by my words!

“This is hell, this is ultimate hell. Don’t you know how painful he feels every time he fights?” And then her expression changes to a frown. Ha! She has no idea!


“Yeah, you don’t know. That’s why we are always looking for a purpose in our live, and fulfilling that purpose can suppress our pain like a drug.” Ugh, it’s hurting me again…

“I don’t want to bear this pain anymore!” Crap, I sound like a little kid whinnying…

“Then, find a new goal…”

“Like that’s so easy!” Idiot! Who do you think we are?

“Who were you in your past life?” Oh please, no! Don’t remind me of my past…

“You don’t have the right to know.” Master…what should I do now?

“Anyways, I’m pretty much useless now. My harmonic flow is temporarily shut down and I can’t fly either. That’s the consequences of casting ‘Finale’.” And it looks like I reminded her of her friends…

“Ah, right. What has happened!?”

“Well. that ship is already ruined. My power wasn’t strong enough, so I think I haven’t killed them all. Your friends might still be alive.”
Pffft. Like I care. But I wonder….

“Now then, why don’t you kill me now when you have the chance?” Keep your guard up Shea…She might pull a fast one on you.

“If I kill you now, then I’ll be the same as you. Back then, I thought you weren’t that bad. You did that to get the approval of someone you admire.”

Goody two shoes.

“I would do the same, if my father were like Thanos.”

Yeah. Right.

“So, why don’t we find my friends? You decide what to do next. You’ll be dead without any power here.”

“Just let me die already.”
I just might be reborn in a better time.

“Stop being stubborn now and come with me. I’ll show you what this world is all about.”

“Fine, fine. But I think your friends might want to say the opposite.”
Might? Like hell Shea. They want you dead. Goody two shoes is just like her mother. Trying to get me all “be good” just for the sake of the world. I’m not gonna fall for her! I’m only my master’s! Heh, She is NOT Oswald’s daughter. Too damn good to be his daughter.

“Just …come on!” Then again…She does have his temper. Better not mess with that.

“’Kay…” Maybe she can help me get back to master.
Thanks for reading- reviews would be awesome! <3 Also, grammar/spelling mistakes are all welcomed. I'll be updating soon. I plan on taking on Shea's thoughts till his end in the game.

<3 <3 Major Shea Fan-girl <3 <3
THE CATS SHALL RULE THE WORLD!!!YAY!(Yeah I'm a Cat obsessed person!XD)


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A Demon's Thoughts
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