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Re:Set is now released~

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 azureXtwilight-FC's CONTEST : Cosplaaaay~ :D

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PostSubject: azureXtwilight-FC's CONTEST : Cosplaaaay~ :D   Mon Apr 25, 2011 7:37 pm

(Sorry first if I said to some people that I won't be using the PC for two weeks, I just claimed my extra two hours XD and please, somebody DELETE the past contest thread. Thank you Very Happy)

We have enough prizes! Now... we have the contest xD

The theme is changed, because last time's contest is screwed XD

~~Cosplay Time!~~
It is any of the Fantasia or Doppelganger characters... well, cosplaying.
And yes, you may put Zephyr in a pink frilly apron, as long as there IS an anime character dressed that way XD

There are two categories : the Literature Category and the Drawing Category.

On the Literature Category :

(1) You can submit Poetry and Fan Fiction as your Literature entry.

(2) Your entry can either be original or a modification of an existing literary work (parody). Just make sure when your entry is a modified one, it is necessary to include the link to the original.

(3) Your entry shouldn’t exceed 1500 words. (Because of some private complains and pleads, the word count is changed from 1000. I don't want to see some cut stories as their entries, so I changed it.)


: NOTE :
You can add extra voiceovers in your literature entries, though it is optional. The file name should include your username and the name of the entry.


On the Drawing Category:

(1) You can submit either Comic Strip, Visual Poetry, or just the plain simple drawing~

(2) Entry should be in full color.

(3) NO Art theft. That’s automatic.

(4) When other works are used as inspirations, link the original.


: NOTE :
For both categories, link the anime the characters are cosplaying, and it really isn't required that the entry is romance, so be free whom do you want to draw/write about Very Happy


The entries should be sent through notes in my account, not comments, or your entry will be ignored.

Deadline of submission of entries : The third Sunday of May, GMT +8:00
Announcement of Winners : 5 days after the deadline... [sorry, I don't have any calendar near me XD]

One last thing!
Can I have an assistant with me to judge and manage the contest?
Because I'll be attending Geometry and Algebra enhancement and I won't be visiting that often Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: azureXtwilight-FC's CONTEST : Cosplaaaay~ :D   Tue Apr 26, 2011 4:47 am

Yes. Yes. This is--




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PostSubject: Re: azureXtwilight-FC's CONTEST : Cosplaaaay~ :D   Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:13 am



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PostSubject: Re: azureXtwilight-FC's CONTEST : Cosplaaaay~ :D   

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azureXtwilight-FC's CONTEST : Cosplaaaay~ :D
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